Ice Climbing

Waterfall, Alpine Ice and Mixed Climbing captured my soul at an early age. Steep waves of ice, wonderful light and the magic of a truly unique environment. I have seen the tools and techniques evolve over the decades and the standards rise to incredible levels. I usually feel the “ice itch” in late September, start looking at my tools and sharpening the picks…I can’t wait to get out!

Climbing in the Rockies is very predictable and Canmore is a main centre of ice and mixed climbing. Climbs are usually forming late October and the season is in full "swing" by mid-December. I have found good ice in May however by the first week of June it is, well, a little bit late.

All ice climbing is booked on a private basis and available throughout the season. Below is a small sampling available routes graded as beginner, intermediate or advanced. Send me a note and we can design a trip!

Beginner (grade 2/3)
or Instructional

Grotto Falls
Rogans Gulley
Melt Out
Lower Polar Circus
Haffner Creek
This House of Sky

Intermediate (grade 3/4)

Professors Falls
Snivelling Gulley
Weeping Wall Left
Louise Falls
Guiness Gulley
Pretty Nuts

Advanced (grade 4+ to 5+)

Super Bock
Carlsberg Column
Weeping Wall Right
Wicked Wanda
Malignant Mushroom

Strong Advanced

Pilsner Piller
Weeping Wall Upper
Polar Circus
Mixed Master