Kids Trips

Being a parent myself it became obvious early on that getting the kids into activities I liked was important. It was also obvious it was all about the children.
The activity has to be fun, kids need to be engaged and the challenges need to be in sync with their physical capacities.

I have had children of varying ages involved with almost every sort of guiding I do – ice and rock climbing, ski touring and mountaineering. Younger children take well to mountaineering and peaks that are little more than a scramble. It’s fun, the difficulties are easily overcome and there is no time for boredom. Once they are a little older (12+) they have the focus, attention and capacity for somewhat slower activities like rock climbing that require more discipline.

Have a look at the images of kid trips and get an idea of what is possible. When the activity is new to both the parents and children it puts the family in a unique situation. Everyone is a beginner and on an equal footing. The normal role of adult-child is lost to two friends enjoying time in the mountains. Many times the kids will learn faster than the adults and it makes for a pleasantly refreshing role reversal and some decidedly rewarding family time!

Most activities you see on my site can be tailored to suit younger climbers and skiers. Send me a note and we can discuss what activities would work for you and your children.