Assiniboine - The "Matterhorn of the Rockies" (3618m)

Grade: Intermediate
Season: July to September 
Time: 3 to 5 days   
Ratio: 1:2 (depending on experience)    
Accommodation: Hind Hut

Assiniboine traditionally comes into “shape” by mid-July. Early season trips see lots of snow covered rock and greater difficulty; late season the peak is drier and generally considered easier.

There are two options for approach. One is to fly in and take the "Gmoser Highway" to the Hind hut on day one. The other is a long day approach from the west over the Assinibone/Sturdee col to reach the hut.  Assiniboine’s NE Ridge is the normal climbing line and frequently takes 10-12 hours return to the hut. The ascent involves lots of short roped scrambling and short pitched climbing to 5.4 in boots. The views of Marvel Lake and the surrounding peaks are wonderful.

Three day trips are quite packed while longer trips allow a slower pace, options for bad weather or additional ascents of Mt. Sturdee, Strom or Magog.  Assiniboine is a good choice for fit intermediate climbers.