Bugaboos Alpine Rock

Dates: July 6-11, July 12-17, 2014
Cost: $1950
Grade: Beginner to Advanced   
Accommodation: Conrad Kain Hut or Tent Camping at Applebee Dome
Includes: Guiding, hut or camping fees, breakfast & dinners, porter, group equipment

Bugaboo, Pigeon and Snowpatch Spire, the Marmolata and the Howser Towers. The Bugaboos is a granite “sub-range” within the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia. It is a historically significant region particularly with Conrad Kain’s seminal first ascent of Bugaboo Spire. The “Bugs” are one of Canada's great alpine playgrounds with climbs suitable for beginner to advanced climbers, not to mention one of my favourite places in the universe! Since my first trip in 1975 I have been back almost every season. Glacier approaches to granite walls and incomparable scenery.

I have guided routes in the Bugs ranging from the elegant West Ridge of Pigeon Spire (best easy route in the galaxy) to the burly Becky/Chouinard on South Howser tower. The rock is superb, the climbs are all great and I can’t wait to get back!