Mt. Victoria and Lefroy (3464m & 3423m) & the Lake Louise group.

Grade: Strong Beginner    
Season: July – September   
Time: 2-3 days   
Ratio: 1:2   
Accommodation: Abbots Pass Hut

Mounts Victoria and Lefroy are two impressive summits of the Lake Louise group. Both are suitable for fit beginners who have had some previous experience with ice axe and crampons. After a strenuous approach on day one to the Abotts Pass hut we are in position for either peak. The West Face is the line of ascent on Mt. Lefroy – 500 or so meters of snow and ice climbing. The SE ridge of Mt. Victoria is the route from the hut. Lots of rock terrain; some snow and ice climbing and a fabulous “walk” in the sky along the south ridge. For 3 day trips I usually prefer to climb Mt. Lefroy on day 2; Victoria on day 3 and descend via the Huber ledges back to Lake O’Hara as this is the most efficient line. The hut is a charming stone structure, equipped with cutlery, blankets and a cozy wood burning stove – perfect for sipping your favourite single malt!

The Lake Louise region offers many other fine summits including: Mt. Aberdeen, Haddo, Popes Peak, Collier & Whyte. Some are best approached the evening before including a bivouac; others are a long day from the valley bottom. Please inquire if you are interested in one of these peaks.