Avalanche Rescue Clinics

Dates: Available upon request (1 or 2 days)
Cost: TBA

Do you and your companions practice your transceiver skills on a regular basis? Did you know that probing and shoveling technique have as much to do with the success of an avalanche rescue as transceiver skills? Was it a while since your AST course and your skills are getting a bit rusty? Did you know that most mountain guides go through annual recurrent avalanche rescue training? Why shouldn’t you?

This clinic serves as a tune up/refresher for those with previous avalanche skills training. We start with a class room review of the current winter and Avalanche Bulletin and then move outside. We will thoroughly review transceiver use, probing and shoveling. We will conduct several avalanche rescue scenarios and debrief them. You will finish the day knowing you can be an effective team member in a companion rescue.