The Ortler Traverse - Ski Mountaineering in the Italian Alps

Dates: Available upon request
Cost: TBA
Skill: Strong beginner
Includes: 1 night in Sulden, most lifts, hut fees, guiding, group equipment

The “Ortler” are a group of peaks located between the Bernina peaks of St. Moritz and the Dolomites. This tour lies within the Stilfsejoch National Park near the point where Italy, Switzerland and Austria come together. Since many of the Ortler peaks are close to but just short of 4000m elevation this tour tends to see less traffic than the more well known Haute Route but is still high enough to offer good spring skiing conditions.

Sometimes called the “Capuccino tour” this tour can be characterized by fabulous scenery, “first class” huts and many more creature comforts to Haute Route (like showers in the huts). Our tour begins and ends in the village of Sulden. We will spend several nights at the Branca and Pizzini  huts. This allows light packs, many variations on the trip and the flexibility to take advantage of conditions as they arise. Our exact schedule will vary with conditions and group interests.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 0 – Rendezvous at 5pm at the Hotel in Sulden
Day 1 – begin riding the lift; ski over the Passo del Madriccio into the Martler Valley and onto the Martler Hut.
Day 2 – ski underneath Mt. Cevedale, pass the Casti Hut (after coffee of course!) and then descend to the Branca Hut
Day 3 – day tour out of the Branca Hut – ascent/descents of either Pizzo Tresero (3594m) or the Punta Matteo (3678m)
Day 4 – day tour out of the Branca Hut….whatever we did not do the day before or perhaps the Palon de la Mare (3685m) a beautiful peak just east of the hut.
Day 5 – moving north to the Pizzini Hut at 2700 m in the Cedec valley. We have several options for  for the level of “adventure” of the route.
Day 6 – again we stay in Pizzini. One option is to the Col Pale Rosa (2279m) which offers a fine long ski descent under the Zebru.
Day 7 – skirting the border between Lombardia and Alto Adige we pass the Casti Hut, travel through the Eisseepass for the descent back into the Sulden ski complex…hopefully we can still ski all the way to town!